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Collective intelligence and capacity building in a networked Society

lundi 27 octobre 2003, par Cornu Bernard

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The Information Society has new and specific characteristics. Information is digitalized, and therefore interactive, processable, transportable, accessible in new ways. Information is changing more quickly and new information appears. The Information Society is a networked society, and it is a society where collective capacities are more and more needed, in addition to individual ones.

Capacity building in the Information Society is not only an extension of usual capacity building. New competencies, new capacities appear and become necessary. They are not only technological competencies, but more profoundly competencies linked with new concepts ; they are not only competencies linked to new knowledge, but competencies linked to new accesses to knowledge.

In my contribution I will analyse three aspects of capacity building in the Information Society :
- Accessing and processing knowledge in a networked world ;
- Collective intelligence and collective capacity ;
- A new citizenship in the Information Society. We will see that new capacities cannot be acquired through old ways of education ; capacity building needs new contents and methods.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Bernard CORNU is the director of La Villa Media (the European Residence for Educational Multimedia), Grenoble, France, and a Professor at the IUFM of Grenoble, France (University Institute for Teacher Education). He is a Professor (applied Mathematics) at IUFM (Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maitres - University Institute for Teacher Education) of Grenoble, France. For ten years (1990-2000) he has been the Director of the IUFM of Grenoble. Until 1994, Bernard Cornu was the Chairman of the 29 IUFMs in France. He was (2000-2002) an Advisor for Teacher Education at the French Ministry of Education.

Prof. Bernard Cornu is a mathematician at Grenoble University. He studied the influence of computers and informatics on mathematics and its teaching, and also worked in didactics of mathematics. He has been the Director of the Institute of Research on Mathematics Teaching (IREM) of Grenoble, and then the Head at the in-service teacher training office for the Academy of Grenoble. His scientific speciality is now the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies into Education, and its influence on the Teaching Profession and on Educational Policies.

As a member of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), he has been (1995-2000) the chairman of Working Group 3.1 ("Informatics Education at the Secondary Education Level"), and he is now the secretary of the IFIP TC3 (Technical Committee for Edcucation).

Prof. Bernard Cornu is a Member of the French National Commission for UNESCO, and the vice-chair of the Education Committee. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Governing Board of IITE, the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in education, located in Moscow. He has been (1998-2002) the President of the French Commission for Mathematics Education.

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