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Workshop des 17 et 18 septembre 2004 à Münchenwiler

Competencies Referential(s) MITIC

To promote the repository of skills « fitted »for the MITIC into education

mercredi 8 février 2006, par Morel Raymond

Commission ICT 1 de la SATW 2

Download the complete document (121 pages) Download the complete document (121 pages)

In his contribution before this workshop, Louis-Joseph Fleury defines well the environment« 

Set up a training program without clarifying the objectives of such training ? Difficult ! In the case of education in and by the media-MITIC-, many texts and general statements do exist, without always having a directly usable shape by learners and their trainers or teachers.

What must be effectively available to learners, teachers, trainers, parents, decision-makers and administrators for implementing the process of knowledge construction ?

To formulate and to collect in a simple way these skills should facilitate, enlighten the task and clarify the place of each partner in a collaborative action. »

The originality of the workshop of Münchenwiler / Villars-les-Moines 2004 lies in comparison of the repositories of skills concerning four targets :

  • the pupils
  • the teachers in initial training
  • the teachers in continuous training
  • the trainers of teachers

Two other categories were evoked, without being really handled : the administrators and the decision-makers of the school system as well as the learners parents.

This innovative perspective leads to building the repository as Russian dolls, in the form of gigogne-referentials, sliding as a telescopic foot. Every segment relies on the previous one, supports and conditions the following one. The characteristics described for the students involve consequences for the teachers and the teachers’ trainers.

In addition to a sum of finely described skills, the participants in the seminar opened a reflection way which remains to be extended. The first tracks appear in documents gathered at the beginning of this booklet. They deserve to be further developed.

Beyond this compilation, two elements deserve attention :

  1. Following the example of the elaboration of a charter of ethics, the reflection which drives to the writing of a repository of skills is more important as a process than as a product. It is a platform of reflection between education partners which leads to create a community of learners where everybody participates in the exchanges. Writing a repository of skills obliges to clarify the values and the objectives of a training program. This training is placed back in a social context, in a citizen education system. _# The vertical organisation of the skills (embedded steps) is fertile and essential. It allows to clarify the place and the role of everyone in an educational project. It creates and reveals the meaning of a training system and allows to center the efforts on relevant and prioritised objectives.

After two days of intense work, with a well established and proven methodology, the reader will find in this document the standard structure of the reports of the COM ICT with first the obtained results, then the work produced before the workshop, followed by a sample of the many and diversified contributions during the workshop (presentations, case studies, participants’ personal contributions, etc.) and ending with bibliographical references and a summary of the activities of the COM ICT and the objectives of the SATW.

Please note that the present document is downloadable (pdf) with numerous links to the full texts (powerpoint) and the references url : _ ?id_rubrique=57

Tracks are now well defined ! It is now up to the decision-makers and the actors concerned on the terrain to work further with tact and realism.

Raymond Morel
Chairman of

René Dändliker
SATW Chairman

December 2005

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