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Engineering the Knowledge Society (EKS)

vendredi 21 novembre 2003, par Giezendanner François Daniel

« Engineering the Knowledge Society » (EKS)


« Information technology supporting human development »


Information Technology (or Information and Communication Technology) cannot be seen as a separate entity. Its application should support human development and this application has to be engineered. What has to be taken into account when engineering the Knowledge Society ? The Conference will address : Lifelong Learning and education, e-inclusion, ethics and social impact, engineering profession, developing e-society, economy and e-Society.

What actions have to be undertaken to realize a human centered Knowledge Society ? The presentations in this World Summit parallel event will reflect the active stance towards human development supported by ICT expressed in its title. A Round Table session will provide concrete proposals for action.

Forum International Programme Committee :

  • Jean-Claude Badoux (WFEO, SATW)
  • Leszek J. Bialy (WFEO)
  • Pierre-André Bobillier (IFIP, SFI, SI, SISR)
  • Fulvio Caccia (SATW)
  • Louis-Joseph Fleury (SATW)
  • Raymond Morel (IFIP, SATW, SFI, SI, SISR)
  • Andreas Schweizer (SATW)
  • Tom van Weert (IFIP, SATW)

Main sponsors of the Forum « Engineering the Knowledge Society » :

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