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Switzerland and IFIP
Tuesday 15 April 2008
by Raymond Morel
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Very active in IFIP since its creation in 1960 and although not part of the European Community, Switzerland has not only been a founder of IFIP but has continued to contribute towards its objectives and activities without interruption through the personal involvement of its representatives:

- active presence in the Executive Board and the Council and 3 Presidents covering a period of 12 years.

- R.Morel, Swiss representative to the IFIP GA since 1999, has been Board Member and Councillor from 2004 to 2010.

- Bernard Eschermann was elected in 2009 as Councillor to the IFIP Board.

- Strong and active Swiss presence in the Technical Committees and Working Groups dealing with matters of interest to Switzerland.

Today, 78 specialists from Swiss Academia and industry are participating in 11 TC’s and 39 WG’s. 1 Swiss rep is TC chairman, 1 rep is Secretary and 2 reps are also special consultants.
The TC representatives were appointed by ICTswitzerland, the Swiss Member of IFIP until 2010.
The WG members are individual specialists accepted by the WG’s for their expertise (there is no country limitation on their number).
The personal involvement and the efforts of these specialists contribute, through their international contacts with leading experts, to acquiring and bringing to Switzerland knowledge on new technology developments and strategies discussed within IFIP Working Groups. They are the ambassadors of Switzerland to the TC’s and WG’s
and contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the Swiss international image.
This is especially true in areas such as Education, Communications (infrastructure, financial access, etc..),
Security, Software, Human aspects, etc.. which present important potential for Switzerland.

Support for these international activities is therefore very important to allow the continuation of an active Swiss participation in the international IFIP activities in all
areas of ICT.

The Swiss delegates are appointed for a period of 4 years renewable by periods of 2 years. The names of the Swiss TC and Working Groups representatives are published on the SARIT Web site

The main functions of a Swiss IFIP TC representative are :

 - to assure the both ways communications between Switzerland and his TC (information to the Technical Committee about latest developments and concerns in Switzerland and information to the interested parties in Switzerland about the TC activities),

 - organise TC meetings and events in Switzerland when feasible, etc...


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