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Questions to the participants on the key issues around the main theme to be answered before the Round Table
Friday 20 March 2009
by Raymond Morel
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Questions to participants and interviews

A – Questions

For you, what are the characteristics of an ability to give everyone a good quality of life over the long term, what are the aspects of well-being and quality of life that you associate with the concept of progress?
Taking into account developments in Switzerland, in which sectors should invest public money and what changes would be appropriate now to initiate that by 2029 the Switzerland match your vision of progress and the quality of life?
What do you think are the strengths, assets, Switzerland to do so, what are the know-how, skills, and characteristics of the Swiss company that can facilitate this change?
In your opinion, what are the benchmarks from which to engage for a qualitative shift in Switzerland in each of these levels:
a. values which govern life in society
b. values applicable to human relations
v. values related to behavior and attitude of each citizen as a person and

In your opinion, what are the preconditions that must be satisfied for now that your vision of progress actually occurs on the horizon for 2029? For example, what actions should be undertaken as soon as possible and by whom?
To account for the evolution of the progress and quality of life between 2029 and mainternant what areas, and more specifically the specific topics, which should generate new statistics, evaluations, assessments or any other kind of information?
For you personally, what is most important in life? Do you think the players and officials of public and private sectors should be more concerned and if so, through what kind of action?

Réponses de participants


B – Interviews

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