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Final Recommendations & Full Proceedings / Valeur ajoutée du projet et recommandations finales / Mehrwert und Nutzen des Projektes sowie Empfehlungen
Friday 20 March 2009
by Raymond Morel
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A – The input of the project and its use

• Offers a specific Swiss contribution to the project of new global qualitative indicators;

• Shows public assets and intangible material of Switzerland;

• Provides a framework for anticipating changes in the society, the economy and globalization;

• Promotes a better targeting of public and private investment for sustainable development quality;

• Mobilizes human resources and organizational assets to Switzerland once again to the construction of Switzerland’s XXI century;

• Proposes the Swiss makers, with their involvement and consultation with them, criteria and steering tools enabling them to integrate the qualitative factors of development in their innovation strategy;

• Improves a sustainable competitiveness of Switzerland in the globalized world and the real economy as the intangible with long term view to create a "Swiss Quality" fully integrate the concerns of sustainable quality of life.

B- Output and recommendations of the round table

The impact of discussions of the Round Table can be used in three areas:

• the indicative inventory of heritage resources and assets that can help Switzerland to focus its public policies and their lifestyles to a qualitative development;
• a better understanding of the mechanisms of transformative innovation;
• an assessment of the feasibility of a larger project involving fifty case studies.

Work to achieve after the workshop :

  • Empfehlungen : Draft of ICT NEWS auf Deutsch in preparation