Exposé de Johannes Magenheim
Friday 13 November 2009
by LJFleury

Prof. Johannes Magenheim

University of Paderborn, Germany Torsten Leidig, SAP, Germany 

‘Hybrid Learning in the Context of Knowledge Maturing’-

Theoretical Approach and First Results of the EU-Project MATURE

Knowledge can be represented in various ways, e.g. embedded in a digital resource, as personal experience in an individual’s mind or embedded in work processes within an organisation. Individual and collaborative knowledge achievement contributes to the maturation of knowledge on these different levels and partly can be regarded as hybrid learning. These multidimensional learning processes in the area of knowledge maturing need specific contextualized support according to the learners’ demands. The talk will deal with different dimensions of learning, their contribution to knowledge maturing and with personalized learning environments, called PLME (Personal Learning and Maturing Environment).

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