"The FuturICT team has submitted their FET Flagship proposal, please following the link below to the 90 page proposal summary document. FuturICT is one of the 6 flagships which were funded over a duration of 12 months starting from May 2011. These Pilots aimed to create a design and description of consolidated candidate FET Flagship Initiatives, including assessment of feasibility in scientific, technical and financial terms. By mid-2012 the FET Flagship Pilots will have presented a structured community in good position to implement their integrated research agenda, including the involvement and commitment from key stakeholders. By the end of 2012, beginning of 2013 at least two of the Pilots are expected to be chosen to be launched as full FET Flagship Initiatives in 2013.  For more information see the FET Flagships website.

FuturlCT is a FET Flagship project using collective, participatory research, integrated across the fields of ICT, the social sciences and complexity science, to design socio-inspired technology and develop a science of global, socially interactive systems. The project will bring together, on a global level, Big Data, new modelling techniques and new forms of interaction, leading to a new understanding of society and its coevolution with technology. It will place Europe at the forefront of a major scientific drive to understand, explore and manage our complex, connected world in a more sustainable and resilient manner.

The unifying goal of the FuturICT FET flagship is to integrate the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT), social sciences and complexity science, to develop a new kind of participatory science and technology that will help us to understand, explore and manage the complex, global, socially interactive systems that make up our world today, while at the same time paving the way for a new paradigm of ICT systems that will leverage socio-inspired self-organisation, self-regulation, and collective awareness."