Date : 18.10.2013

Thématique N°   : 6  

Building the Swiss Information Society: a global challenge in the new Millennium (1,7,8)

(e-participation - sustainable development - digital e-inclusion - trust – confidence – privacy – surveillance – credibility – green-IT)


Personne responsable du sous-groupe traitant cette thématique : Uwe Serdult and Raymond Morel, members of

e-switzerland plateform


  1. Description de la thématique

In the use of ICTs , taking into account the quick evolution of technologies, we need at the technical point of view, to  focus on :

·       strengthening the trust framework, including information security and network security,

. authentication, privacy and consumer protection, is a prerequisite for the development of the Swiss Information Society and for building confidence among users of ICTs,

· taking into account the unavoidable disruptive technologies already there (social networks, cloud computing, tools web 2.0, etc) and the others to come, impacting all citizens in the dayly life always faster and faster (see (14) to (16)),

· discussing about and learning from the dark side of connectivity (17).


2.     Qui en Suisse ou à l’étranger s’occupe(nt) de cette  thématique ?1

Many bodies at national, european and international levels are acting on these topics (see references (1) to (8)). Nevertheless, the international review, despite 10 hard years of working show that the MDG (UN Millenium Development Goals (see (9) and (10)), as well the 11 action lines after Tunis 2nd phase of WSIS don’t reach their targets (11).The recent report « Mesuring the Information Society» (MIS from IUT 7th of October 2013 – ((12 )and (13)) demonstrate clearly that the fact of having actually 7.x billion of mobile for 7.x billion of inhabitants on the earth DON’T solve the problem with 2/3 of NOT connected peaople.


3.     Comment la TPF e-switzerland propose-t-elle de traiter cette thématique ?

The present theme 6 « Building the Swiss Information Society » is certainly with « Mastering the complexity » (theme 2 ) the two fondamental prerequisites to develop in a sustainable way a Knowledge Society » in the future. If we can in addition provide some bits of ethics (code of conduct), security and innovation, the citizen won’t be disturbed (links with SAGW, SI , High Education institutions and some other bodies WSIS, Horizon 2020 from EU, etc.)

That is what propose the draft project  2014

Complexité et société de l'information    

Projet P12  +   Annexe      Evaluation SATW Projectausschuss 


We are far away from the unilateral document issued from “economiesuisse” and ICTswitzerland which is only money driven and shows that they aren’t conscious of the reality and ignoring the situation in the rest of the world.


4. Comment cette thématique converge avec les buts, missions et la stratégie de la SATW ?1[2]

Dans ce contexte la SATW a un rôle primordial à jouer. La thématique de la Société de l’information s’inscrit dans les réflexions préalables aux missions et thèmes prioritaires de la SATW 2012 – 2016 :

·       détection précoce et transfert des connaissances ;

·       éthique ;

·       dialogue ;

·       promotion de l’innovation.

Avec les perspectives :

·       stratégie et technologie ;

·       société de l’information ;

·       technique et société.


 5.  Autres informations importantes – Contacts – Défis _Difficultés

Key website:



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(17) The Dark Side of Connectivity