IntroductionThe project, of which this report is part, is concerned with reviewing the literature on Employability, Inclusion and ICT. Other elements of the project include:- A report outlining how the concept of employability is elaborated in the literature, with specific reference to young people, older workers and migrants (Green et al., 2012*). An employability framework is presented in this report.- A report outlining the role played by ICT in affecting employability, with specific reference to young people, older people and migrants (de Hoyos et al., 2012**).- A review of data sets (Owen et al., 2012***).This report provides details of 26 initiatives (identified in the first two reports above) aimed at supporting individuals in developing ICT skills for employability and beyond. These initiatives can be seen, to different degrees, as 'good' practice cases, although the initiatives have not been rated. The list is by no means exhaustive and the template (provided at the end of the document) can be used to add further initiatives to the data base.