Democracy & Education aims to provoke rigorous, open, and inclusive engagement with the challenges of educating youth in the pre-K-12 age span for active participation in a democratic society. This open access journal seeks to support and sustain conversations that take as their focus the conceptual foundations, social policies, institutional structures, and teaching/learning practices associated with democratic education.

Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1 (2015)

Feature Articles

PDF                    Understanding Constellations of Democratic and Civic Beliefs.pdf

Civic Meanings: Understanding the Constellations of Democratic and Civic Beliefs of Educators
Elizabeth A. Lowham and James R. Lowham


The Practice of Equality: A Critical Understanding of Democratic Citizenship Education
Claudia W. Ruitenberg


Mapping Cultural Boundaries in Schools and Communities: Redefining Spaces through Organizing
Gerald K. Wood and Christine K. Lemley