Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on March 9th, 2017 Kiev, Ukraine



Mike Hinchey, Max Bramer, Gabriela Marin-Raventos,

Yuko Murayama, Kai Rannenberg, Declan Brady, Eduard Dundler


Leon Strous, A Min Tjoa


1.Events / activities



Mr Hinchey reported from the NGO conference in Paris in which he participated together with Mr Cornu. They had a positive contact with Mr Indrajit

Banerjee, Director of UNESCO’s Information Society Division and discussed the opportunity to co-organize an event with UNESCO on September 28th, 2017 in Paris.



Mr Hinchey informed EC that there is in principle an interest of Canada to hold a WCF. He informed that in Mr Strous’s recommendation Stephen Ibaraki and Andy Chen will take the lead and will come up with a proposal. Mr Hinchey advised that EU ROCIO should be asked for connection (under the logo of IFIP).


• WCC 2018

Mr Hinchey reported that he has talked with Jerzy Nawrocki about worries about the issue that FedCSIS organizes their annual event at nearly the same time in Poznan, Poland as IFIP’s WCC would take place. Several opportunities has been discussed in EC. EC did not find any alternative option in timing. It has been decided that EC supports the WCC in Poland although there are worries about timing, because it is a new format of a conference.



Issues with WG8.5 have been resolved satisfactorily

The issue with TC12 seems to have passed, but EC needs to be aware of it.

Mr Hinchey will come up with examples of where a legal counsel is needed; Mr Dundler will try to identify a legal representative in Austria.

Seeking a new General Secretary is postponed likely to middle of 2018.


3.Next meeting

March 10th, 2017 post-Board meeting (Kiev, Ukraine)  Eduard Dundler (March 9h, 2017)