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Working Papers OGIK'2014


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Roode, D. - Raffai, M The Role of IFIP TC 8 International Associations SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Pető, D Enhencing the objectivity of the Audit Assesment Research Results SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Heckenast, T Seeing the Woods for the trees Research Results SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Molnár, B. - Kő. A. - Kiss, J Identity Background Checking Research Results SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Kosztyán, Zs. T. - Póta, Sz. Deterministic and Stchastic Optimal Recourse New ICT Solutions SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Németh, I. - Németh, Cs. Efficient Processes New ICT Solutions SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Zadok, I. Decision Making in ICT New ICT Solutions SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Petkovic, I. - Tumbas, P. Data Warehouse Supported CRM in Electric Energy Distribution New ICT Solutions SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf
Dobay, P. Exploring eBusiness Solutions Education Methods SEFBIS Journal 1. évf. 1. szám pdf

The idea of publishing a professional journal in the field of business information science and practice was formalized at the ISBIS 2005 Conference, where the participants expressed their need for an international publication possibility. The Scientific and Educational Forum for Business Information Systems (SEFBIS) as a member-association of the John von Neumann Computer Society was established in 2000 in order to give a controlled public forum to the members and to give publicity to both the experienced and the young specialists.

    After two successful domestic conferences and an International Symposium and after having the expertise's acknowledgment concerning to the GIKOF Journal the SEFBIS chairmanship decided to extend the publicity to international field. The initiatives were supported by the special Association of the International Federation for Information Processing. The chairman of the TC 8 Information Systems Committee, D. Roode emphasized that only the nationwide activity of the specialists manifested by meetings, conferences and publication of a high standard can realized the international goals.

    As the European Union has more and more member states, it becomes much more important to start with another way of thinking! After that some post socialist countries including Hungary have joined to EU the scientific and educational cooperation turned more and more important. The key issue to the European vision is the information and the information management, which constitutes also the focused theme of our journal. We, the committed leaders of SEFBIS take the responsibility of collaborating with professionals in realizing the knowledge based society, and do our best to provide Europe wide access to and interchange of information. Our program reflects the European needs, so we call the professionals to report the scientific results, the new business or the educational solutions with the aim of discussing

  •  the role and the impact of IS/IT on business and on society,
  •  the concepts, modeling techniques, methods, visualization languages supporting the IS development processes,
  •  the solutions that satisfies customers' requirements and ensures security and privacy, and
  •  the realization of the European Higher Education Space focusing to the field of business information systems (aims, programs, curricula, cooperation, new teach­ing materials etc.)

Although the first volume of SEFBIS Journal had only few authors from abroad, together with the members of the Editorial Board and with the support of the IFIP TC 8, WG 8.9 the IFIP TC9 we can forecast a wider international interest and we can also expect the success. In the hope that in the years to come the SEFBIS Journal becomes more and more known and acknowledged. 
  Concluding with my sincere greeting for the Readers I whish to obtain new ideas, concepts, to know new effective business solutions and research results from all over the world! I call the attention of the specialists in the field of business information science to make their results public and known internationally!

Prof.Maria Raffai
Editor in Chief