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2001-unesco-seminar-Ethical issues-IITE-Towards Problems and Policy Issues of Integrating ICT in Education

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1990-unesco-High level Seminar for decision-makers and policy-makers-Towards policies for integrating ICT into EDUCATION

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Febr-2003-Unit 8-José Armando Valente-In Service Teacher Development Using ICT, the first step in LifeLong Learning

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juin 2001 - Prriorities for promoting ICT in teacher education in Europe-Users' needs - for teachers and teacher educator-the FETICHE Project

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1987-Fiche de description de didacticiels didacthek pedagogy products tools

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1999-M6-Module 6-IFMES

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1997-dR-Biology-Chemistry-Physics-Sciences et environnement-Corinne Louvot, Gérald Meylan, Margareth Reust, Yves Steinmann, Alain Seemuller et Martine Udrisard-pedagogy

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WSIS-Forum-2020-point de situation fin août 2020 - status end of August 2020 WSIS-Forum-2020-point de situation fin août 2020 - status end of August 2020 More infos :

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2000-janvier 27-Plan d'action Internet (promouvoir une utilisation plus sûre d'Internet)-Journée d'information sur la sensibilisation-Bâtiment Charlemagne-Bruxelles

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