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March-2021-Campus 144 La sexualité à l'infini pluriel- UNIGE

[pdf-embedder url="" title="From Curriculum to Competencies and Skills February 2021-Raymond Morel (IFIP TC3 and Social-IN3)"]

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...hem. With a view of a list of competencies to enlarge, the opportunity t...onsider five ways to approach competencies : 1. Knowledge-based approac...king first and foremost about competencies developments is a the most"] From Curriculum to Competencies and Skills - February 2021 -...

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From Curriculum to Competencies and Skills - February 2021 - Raymond Morel (IFIP TC3 and Social-IN3)" title="v5-From Curriculum to Competencies and Skills - February 2021 -...

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Answer to Vladimir Tikhomirov-MOOC-2013 - MESI

...bsp;  Coordination of the perturbations of innovative changes ·       Promotion of the management of competencies ·   &n...

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Swiss Digital Summit 2018 at Zürich 27 of Septembre at ETHZ

...mploying digital technology. First, people develop a meta-competency, i.e., the competency, including the necessary attitudes, to acquire new competencies. Second, people become Compu...

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From IFIP WCC-2018 in Poznan on WEDNESDAY 19th of September 2018 - Activities around WISE 11(11th World Conference on Information Security Education)

...uidelinesEvaluation of Security ProgramsInternational Standards of Security Education and AssessmentSecurity Certification ProgramsProfessional Competencies in SecurityInforming Citizens...

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La définition et la sélection des compétences clés OCDE

...eoretical underpinning of key competencies provide a reference point fo...finition and Selection of Key Competencies: Executive Summary La d& September at Brisbane Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society http...raquo; for tomorrow: key competencies) From Beat Doebli documentat...

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21st-Century Skills That All Students Should Have

    Future competencies at the digital age - reshuffle the cards - Les compétences du futur - une manière de rebattre les cartes G M T Detect...

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