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What is enterprise architecture? - Stephen Ibaraki

...oreover, poor strategy execution is the most significant management challenge facing public and private organization compounded by escalating complexity and rapid change. The field o...

3598 days ago

Complexity and the productivity of innovation - Deborah Strumsky, José Lobo and Joseph A. Tainter

" Innovation underpins the industrial way of life. It is assumed implicitly both that it will continue to do so, and that it will produce solutions to the problems we f...

3644 days ago

Viewpoint Social complexity and sustainability - Joseph A.Tainter

"  Social complexity and sustainability emerge from su...environmental conditions. Social complexity develops from problem to national and international. Complexity in problem solving is anecono...on, orcontinuity based on growing complexity and increasing energy subsidi...

3644 days ago

Energy, complexity, and sustainability: A historical perspective by Joseph A. Tainter

...t "The common view of history assumes that complexity and resource consumption This view leads to the supposition that complexity and consumption are voluntar...stantially incorrect. History suggests that complexity most commonly increases to so...

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...many believe the current situation is of a fundamentally different order to what has gone before. The speed of communication and exchange, the complexity and size of the networks invo...

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FuturICT FET Flagship Proposal Summary 2012 9th November - 2012

...earch, integrated across the fields of ICT, the social sciences and complexity science, to design socio-insp...formation and communication technologies (ICT), social sciences and complexity science, to develop a new kin...

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complexity in InternetActu

complexity in InternetActu ==< 11 references (6.09.2012)

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Folder on COMPLEXITY L’innovation monétaire (3/5) : Différentes monnaies pour diffé...

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Documents & References for the COM ICT | domain General (2002-2011)

...l-societies-in-ict-research-education-and-innovation Folder on COMPLEXITY L&rsquo...

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Documents & References for the COM ICT | domain e-SOCIETY (2002-2011)

...l-societies-in-ict-research-education-and-innovation Folder on COMPLEXITY L&rsquo...

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