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Ethics of Computing Committees- Suggestions for Functions, Form and Structure-Binder1-4-publications-wg9.2-sig9.2.2" title="Ethics of Computing Committees-

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Ethics Curriculum for Middle School and AI

AI + Ethics Curriculum for Middle School How do we raise conscientious consumers and designers of AI?

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IFIP - IP3 – the Global Partnership an appropriate level; Appropriate requirements are in place to ensure continuing professional development; An appropriate enforceable code of ethics and conduct is in place; The...

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KeyNote-2019-NITC-AI-Ethics-Reg-Anthony Wong

KeyNote_2019_NITC_AI_Ethics_Reg_Anthony Wong_20191009

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En hommage à Jacques BERLEUR ==> ethics, code-of-conduct, governance

28Berleur2003 IFIP : Ethics of Computing Committees: Suggestions for Funct...iteria and Procedures for Developing Codes of Ethics or of Conduct TC9 WG9.2 The Information Society : Innovation, Legitimacy, Ethics and Democracy - In Honor of P...

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Ethics in Higher Education - Foundation for sustainable development by Obiora F. Ike and Chidiebere Onyia - GlobalEthics  

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Cyber Ethics 4.0 - Serving Humanity with Values by Christoph Stückelberger and Pavan Duggal-2019-GlobalEthicsückelberger-and-Pavan-Duggal-2019-GlobalEthics.net0417110439224.pdf

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Innovation Ethics- African and Global Perspectives - J-C. Bastos and Christoph Stückelberger-Global Ethicsückelberger-GlobalEthics.net20190417105004210.pdf

239 days ago - Annual report 2017 - Transforming Societies through Ethics in Higher Education - Annual report 2017 - Transforming Societies through Ethics in Higher Education-201904171...

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IFIP - insights - March 2019

...O’Leary Award - IFIP News - Shared by IFIP IP3 is working on plans for an annual award to recognise professionalism and ethics at the highest level. The Dav...

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