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2003-From Teacher Education to Professional Development for e-Learning in an e-Society

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MIT Technology Review-Volume 123-1-2020-Jan/Feb-La Chine a lancé une grande expérience dans l'enseignement de l'IA. Cela pourrait remodeler la façon dont le monde apprend

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How Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of Education Industry By Girish Shetti March 16, 2020

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John Daniel-Unesco-2000-The Raja Roy Singh Lecture-Using ICT for quality teaching, learning and effective Management

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SI MAGAZINE - Dirk Helbing - What’s Wrong with AI? A Discussion Paper

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1-3.März 2008-Chancen,Grenzen und Risiken von New Learning aus pädagogischer Sicht -Bern-20200124144759372.pdf

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31 january 2020 Sierre TechnoArk - Quelles technologies pour l'industrie connectée ?

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Raytheon_Technology Today 2018 - Artificiial Intelligence and machine learning-_Issue1_2018

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Call for contributions - Some milestones to the Zanzibar Declaration (ZB) - Sustainable ICT, Education and Learning

1-Some milestones to the Zanzibar Declaration (ZB) 2-IN3_SampleFormForZDMatrixPublication_(2020-02-01)_EN_JSI_v02 [pdf-embedder url="https://sisr.swissinforma...

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Connected Learning Initiative – Publications TISS TRUSTS - CLI 2020

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