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How Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of Education Industry By Girish Shetti March 16, 2020

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28.8.2006-Lancierung der Initiative NaTech Education-Zur Integration der Naturwissenschaftenj und des Technikverständnisses in der Allgeminnbildung

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EPFL-Symposium-20 fevrier 2008 Education et technique - relevons ensemble un défi !

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28.08.2006-Lancierung der Initiative NaTech Education - DIE SICHT DER POLITIK _Dr. Kathy RICKLIN , Nationalrätin and Präsidentin der Kommission für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur des Nationalrates

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After a Year of Tech Scandals, Our 10 Recommendations for AI

    AI Now Report 2018Meredith Whittaker , AI Now Institute, New York University, Google Open ResearchKate Crawford , AI Now Institute, New York University,...

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John Daniel-Unesco-2000-The Raja Roy Singh Lecture-Using ICT for quality teaching, learning and effective Management

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SI MAGAZINE - Dirk Helbing - What’s Wrong with AI? A Discussion Paper

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2016-OCDE-CERI-Education Innovation and Research-Innovating Education and Educating for Innovation-The power of digital Technologies and skills

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15 + 16 nov 2007 Swiss Forum for Education Media-sfem 2007

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AI NOW - A research institute examining the social implications of artificial intelligence

adresse trouvée par Ino. Merci After a Year of Tech Scandals, Our 10 Recommendations for AI Let’s begin with better regulation, protecting workers, and...

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