This social network has three aims for 2011:

  1. To identify and describe four key issues concerning the future of ICT and education in Switzerland.
  2. To deal with each of these issues from the point of view of ethics amongst, other things.
  3. To enable participants to experiment with and better understand the workings of online communities and social networks.

All those who are interested may join. Working languages will be English, French and German.

The programme for 2011

There will be four phases to the work of the network in 2011.

  1. An online seminar from February to March to increase awareness of participants of phenomena associated with social networks and online communities, and at the same time, draw up a list of candidate issues to be discussed later.
  2. A one-and-a-half-day face-to-face meeting in the castle at Münchenwiler at the beginning of April (no April fool’s day joke intended!) to identify and define the four key issues for the future of ICT and education in Switzerland.
  3. The clarification of the four issues by the network and the drafting of recommendations for each, between May and October. At the same time, critical reflection will take place on the experience of participants in social networks.
  4. The synthesis and evaluation of the work carried out by the network at the end of the year, followed by the publication of the results: a) a description of each key issue along with a set of recommendations b) a short report on the work on social networks along with recommendations about the use of such networks.

Programme 2011

The means available

To reach these objectives, we will provide an open source platform (ELGG) for the network. We will organise the online seminar and the meeting in Münchenwiler. We will organise the moderation of online discussion about the key issues and after each of the four discussions we will organise a short face-to-face meeting. And finally, we will organise the evaluation and synthesis of the work carried out as well as publication of the results.

(1) A working group of the committee on ICT and education of the Swiss Academy of Technology and Science’s (SATW)