The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks
2012 report is based on a survey of 469
experts from industry, government,
academia and civil society that examines 50
global risks across five categories.
The report emphasizes the singular effect of
a particular constellation of global risks
rather than focusing on a single existential
risk. Three distinct constellations of risks that
present a very serious threat to our future
prosperity and security emerged from a
review of this year’s set of risks.

Raymond Morel

Case 3: The Dark Side of Connectivity
The impacts of crime, terrorism and war in the virtual world have yet
to equal that of the physical world, but there is fear that this could
change. Hyperconnectivity is a reality. With over five billion mobile
phones coupled with internet connectivity and cloud-based
applications, daily life is more vulnerable to cyber threats and digital
disruptions. The related constellation of global risks in this case
highlights that incentives are misaligned with respect to managing
this global challenge. Online security is now considered a public
good, implying an urgent need to encourage greater private sector
engagement to reduce the vulnerability of key information
technology systems.
While significant material and human resources were required in the
past to exercise political or economic influence on a global scale,
borders have become permeable as power shifts from the physical
to the virtual world. A healthy digital space is needed to ensure
stability in the world economy and balance of power.

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Raymond Morel 4305 days ago