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Computational thinking -

" So what is Computational Thinking? Although it sounds like it, we don’t want you to think like a computer. It’s really set of ways to think that help you...

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David Instance: Creating innovative environments to improve learning

#debatseducacio with David Istance, senior member of the OECD's Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) and director of the Schooling for Tomorrow. video ca 1 hour

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2003-From Teacher Education to Professional Development for e-Learning in an e-Society

...tes/28/2020/05/From-Teacher-Education-to-Professional-Development-for-e-Learning-in-an-e-Society-wc2003-fullpa...v5.pdf" title="From Teacher Education to Professional Development for e-Learning in an e-Society-wc2003-fullpa...

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MIT Technology Review-Volume 123-1-2020-Jan/Feb-La Chine a lancé une grande expérience dans l'enseignement de l'IA. Cela pourrait remodeler la façon dont le monde apprend

...t spots previously unrealized connections between concepts. The machine-learning algorithms then update the re...While ALEKS does some of this as well, Squirrel claims that its machine-learning optimizations are more limite...

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GREEN-IT : 3 CONFERENCES Soirée N° 1 : 25 septembre 2013 Introduction et présentation du Groupe spécialisé Green IT de la SI "Derri&...

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