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  • Past IFIP events in Switzerland till 2008

    International Workshop on Local Networks, Rueschlikon, August 1980
    WCCE’81 (World Conference on Computers in Education, Lausanne, July 1981
    General Conference on Performance of Computer Communication Systems, Zurich, May 1984
    International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, Zurich, August 1984
    Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Economics and management, Zurich, March 1984
    Seventh Symposium on Protocol Specifications, Verification and Testing, Zurich, May 1987
    Workshop on Local Area Networks Management, Zurich, October 1987
    International Seminar on Digital Communications, Zurich, March 1988
    Open Seminar - Lectures on Device and Process Simulation, Zurich, April 1988
    International Conference on VMEbus in Research, Zurich, October 1988
    First International Workshop on Protocols for High-Speed Networks, Rueschlikon, May 1989
    15th Conference on System Modelling and Optimization, Zurich, September 1991
    Working Conference on Informatics at the University Level - Teaching Advanced Subjects in the  Future, Zurich, October 1991
    Working Conference on Lessons from Learning, Archamps / Geneva, September 1993
    International Conference on Formal Description Techniques for Distributed Systems and Communication Protocols, Bern, October 1994
    International Conference Open and Distance Learning - Key issues for a Sustainable Development, Geneva, October 1994
    Working Conference on Domain Knowledge for Interactive System Design, Geneva, May 1996
    Working Conference on Analysis and Modelling for Interactive Systems, Geneva, May 1996
    European Design Automation Conference - EuroDAC’96 and EuroVHDL’96, Geneva, September 1996
    International Conference on Performance Theory, Measurement and Evaluation of Computers and Communication - PERFORMANCE ’96, Lausanne,
    Computer Animation ’97, Geneva, June 1997
    Working Conference on Extended Enterprise, Ascona, September 1997
    Virtual Systems and Multimedia ’97, Geneva, September 1997
    7th IFIP Conference on Data Base Semantics, Leysin, October 1997
    Working Conference on Integrity and Internal Control, Zurich, December 1997
    5th World Conference on Human Choice and Computers - Computer and Networks in the Age of  Globalization, Geneva, 1998
    Workshop on Modelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environment, Geneva, Nov. 1998
    S. Munari received the IFIP Outstanding Service Award, 1998.
    International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, Zurich, October 1999
    Joint Modular Languages Conference ’2000, Zurich, September 2000
    Conference on e-Commerce, e-Business, e.Government, Zurich, October 2001
    International Conference for Environmental Protection - Sustainability in the Information Society, Zurich, October 2001
    - K. Bauknecht was appointed as IFIP Honorary Member 2001.
    - R.Morel received the IFIP Silver Core award, 2001.
    - A.Strohmeier received the ACM Outstanding Ada Communit Contribution award ,2002.
    9th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Zurich, September 2003
    Conference on "Inter operability of Enterprise Application Software", Geneva, February 2005
  • eGOV INTEROP’05 Annual Conference "Interoperable e-Government Service", Geneva, February 2005
    VSTTE conference "Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments", Zurich, October 2005
    Conference on Software Engineering for Outsourced and Offshored Development, Zurich, October 2006
    Conference on Visions of the Information Society, final Conference of the ’Sustainability in the
    Information Society program (with the Kick-off meeting of the new WG 9.9: ICT and Sustainable Development), St. Gallen, November 2005
    Conference on Open Source (which established the new WG 2.13 on Open Source software), Como, June 2006
    IFIP Special Seminar on Reconfigurable Computing - Opportunities and Challenges, Geneva, June 2007
    Conference Tests And Proofs, Zurich, February 2007
    Conference on Concurrent Systems - ARCS 2007, Zurich, March 2007
    Conference on Free software and open source software, Lausanne, June 2007
    15th European Conference on Information Systems on Relevant rigour - rigorous relevance, St. Gallen, June 2007
    Working Conference on Situational Method Engineering: Fundamentals and Experiences, Geneva, September 2007
    Special Seminar with Dr Afonso Ferreira, Head of Science Operations of the COST Office at Brussels, Geneva, November 2008
    Special Seminar with Professor Josep Diaz (UPC Barcelona), Geneva, December 2008 
    The fourth European Computer Science Summit, (ECSS), Zurich, October 2008.
  • Seminar on European Cooperation in Science and Technology with Dr Afonso Ferreira, Head of Science Operations of the COST Office at Brussels, Geneva, November 2008
    Seminar on Evaluation of Computer Science Research with Professor Josep Diaz (UPC Barcelona), previous president of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, Geneva, December 2008
    Seminar on Smart Sensors and CS, Geneva, February 2009 with Professor Sotiris Nikoletseas, Patras
    Seminar on Datasetoids: obtaining more data for empirical studies in machine learning, Geneva, March 2009 with Prof. Carlos Soares, Porto.
    Seminar on Knowledge Discovery and Management in Life Sciences, Geneva, August 2009, Geneva with Prof. A. Famili, University of Florida.
    First International Conference on Exploring Services Sciences (IESS 1.0), Geneva, February 2010
    e-government conference (EGOV) 2010, Lausanne, August 2010
    e-Participation conference 2010, Lausanne, August 2010
    IFIP SEC 2011 , Luzern 7-9th of June 2011



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