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Tuesday 15 April 2008
(R)Evolution and Trends
Issus des réunions IFIP voici quelques réflexions personnelles du représentant suisse à l’Assemblée générale de l’IFIP (R)Evolution et Tendances - MEMO de synthèse N°10 (juin 2009)
(R)Evolution et Tendances - MEMO de synthèse N° 9 (novembre 2008) (R)Evolution et Tendances - MEMO de synthèse N° 8 (avril 2008) (R)Evolution et Tendances - MEMO de synthèse N° 7 (octobre 2007) (R)Evolution et Tendances - MEMO de synthèse N° 6 (mars 2007) Les TIC transforment-elles la façon d’enseigner ? dans le bulletin de la HEP BEJUNE d’octobre 2006 "Enjeux (...)

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Tuesday 15 April 2008
IFIP events (Agenda) Events in Switzerland (Agenda) Past IFIP events in Switzerland till 2008
International Workshop on Local Networks, Rueschlikon, August 1980
WCCE’81 (World Conference on Computers in Education, Lausanne, July 1981
General Conference on Performance of Computer Communication Systems, Zurich, May 1984
International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, Zurich, August 1984
Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Economics and management, Zurich, March 1984
Seventh Symposium on Protocol Specifications, Verification and (...)

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Tuesday 15 April 2008
SATW a+ WBR + Commission ICT (SATW) then TPF e-switzerland ICTswitzerland + KB + ICT-SR SIRA
IFIP Technical Committees IFIP General Assembly & Board (ex-Council) IFIP IP3 + and
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Tuesday 15 April 2008
Switzerland and IFIP
Very active in IFIP since its creation in 1960 and although not part of the European Community, Switzerland has not only been a founder of IFIP but has continued to contribute towards its objectives and activities without interruption through the personal involvement of its representatives:
active presence in the Executive Board and the Council and 3 Presidents covering a period of 12 years.
R.Morel, Swiss representative to the IFIP GA since 1999, has been Board Member and Councillor from 2004 to 2010.
Bernard Eschermann was elected in 2009 as Councillor to the IFIP Board.
Strong (...)

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Tuesday 15 April 2008
The Federation, its TC’s and WG’s - Some current IFIP projects
Technical Activities:
the essential part of IFIP, are performed in its Technical Committees (TC) based on the active participation of more than two thousand people world-wide. A TC is in fact a management team responsible for a given field of activity and for the work of its Working Groups (WG). These Groups work WG in a variety of ways to share experience and to develop their specialised knowledge. These include open conferences, smaller working conferences, seminars and tutorials, circulated papers and, increasingly, as befits our subject, electronic conferencing and e-mail. (...)

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Friday 11 April 2008
IFIP Mission
IFIP mission is, among others :
• to plan courses of action on issues of international significance,
• to promote international co-operation in a free environment between individuals, national and international governmental bodies,
• to pay special attention to the needs of developing countries,
• to promote professionalism, incorporating high standards of ethics and conduct, among all IT practitioners,
• to provide a forum for assessing the social consequences of IT applications and to campaign for the safe and beneficial development and use (...)

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Thursday 3 April 2008
to the General Assembly, San Jose - September 2016
minutes to come after the GA
The Swiss IFIP Committee (SIC):
2016 Report on 2015 Activities to the GA of the SI will be available just before the SI GA (3rd of May 2016)
Reports 2015 of the Swiss reps :
TC1 to come after SIC Annual meeting 21.1.2016 TC2 to come after SIC Annual meeting 21.1.2016 TC3 (...)

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Thursday 3 April 2008
The old SIC web site (2002) is still running at
for historical purpose (RM/3.04.08)

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Wednesday 2 April 2008
What is IFIP ?
The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) http://www.ifip.org/
IFIP is a non-governmental, non-profit umbrella organisation for national societies working in the field of information processing. It was established in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO as an aftermath of the first World Computer Congress held in Paris in 1959.
Today IFIP has 56 national organisations as Full Members, 3 Corresponding Members and 9 Affiliate Members, representing countries from all regions of the world and
international organisations. IFIP maintains friendly connections to (...)

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Wednesday 2 April 2008
What is SIC ?
SIC (Swiss IFIP Committee) members are the Swiss delegates to the IFIP General Assembly and to the IFIP Technical Committees. It meets once a year to discuss the annual reports of the TC rep’s, past and future activities, participation in Swiss associations and events, issues with IFIP and its TC’s, etc..
This web site describes briefly the IFIP Federation and its various bodies, various aspects of the Swiss participation and contributions to IFIP, the associated amount of efforts and tries to emphasise the value for Switzerland of this participation.

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Wednesday 2 April 2008
Current Swiss Delegates to IFIP (GA and TC’s)
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