FET Flagships = Future Emerging Technologies FET Flagships are ambitious EU-wide large-scale, science-driven, research initiatives

FuturICT : one of the 6 flagships for the FET (Future Emerging Technologies)

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Project Summaries

Download: image FuturICT Project Summary
Download: image FuturICT Project Outline
Download: image FuturICT Project Impact


Download: image Living Earth Simulator Platform
Download: image Global Participatory Platform
Download: image Planetary Nervous System Platform
Download: image Innovation Accelerator Platform

High Level Concepts

Download: image Resilience


Download: image Energy
Download: image Networks and Communication
Download: image Economics
Download: image Crime and Corruption
Download: image Migration
Download: image Health
Download: image Crisis Management

Background Information

Flagships are visionary, science and goal-driven large-scale European ICT research initiatives nucleated from FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) but cascading into various scientific and technological areas of different maturity, from long term to more technology driven research. Built on established strengths of European research, FET Flagships are envisioned as long term initiatives, each on a budget of around 100 M€ Euros per year.
Link: European Flagship Initiative Homepage
Download: image FET Flagship Flyer
Download: image Moving the ICT Frontiers
Download: image European Challenges and Flagships 2020 and Beyond
Link: Flagship June Workshop Webpage
Link: Flagship January Workshop Webpage

The FuturICT Flagship Proposal

Download: image FuturICT Platform in Detail - excerpt from 'Building FET Flagships- A World Class Endeavour' publication of the FET Flagship Mid Term Conference in Warsaw Nov 2011
Download: image An Excerpt of the FuturICT Coordination Action Proposal (December 2010)
Download: image A Five Page Summary of the FuturICT Coordination Action Proposal (September 2010)
Download: image An Early Outline of the FuturICT Proposal (April 2010)
Download: Slides presented at the Science & Policy Forum on FET Flagships in Brussels, June 9-10, 2010 (image .pdf, .ppt).
Download: Introductory slides for the FuturICT workshop held in London Jun 2010 by image Prof. Dirk Helbing (ETH) and image Prof. Steven Bishop (UCL)
Download: image The FuturICT Flyer (image print version)
Download: Slides presented at the FET Info Day, 30 September 2010 (image slides, image notes)
Download: FuturICT Overview, December 2011 (image .pdf with notes, .ppt with notes) by Prof. Steven Bishop (UCL)