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Technologie médicale SATW 2/21

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KIDIMAKE-Project KDMK-EN-27022022

...actively participatesin various projects relative to ICT in education under the aegis of the DIP (Swiss Public Instructionstate department) and the SATW (Swiss Academy of Engineering...

120 days ago

Zanzibar Declaration-MITIC-end of FEBR 22-SUSTAINABLE ICT, EDUCATION and LEARNING A transversal language and understanding to support the activities including pedagogy and technologies at large: Towards MITIC: Media and ICT (Information - Communication Technologies) in Education

...ct that I was early since a long time member of SATW (Swiss Academy of Technical S...iences) and conduct during more of 10 years the SATW COM ICT (ICT Commitee) facili...el, Président de la Commission ICT de la SATW Cf. the full text on demand...

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25.1.22-SATW-Technology Outlook 2021

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22-23 januar 2014-Journées de Réflexion 2014 SATW

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SATW-2/21-TECHNOSCOPE-Technologie médicale-Une technologie au service de l'Homme

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370 days ago

TECHNOSCOPE by SATW 1/21-CLIMAT - Comment sauver le climat ?

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373 days agoéchets plastiques-Genèse et impact sur l'environnement du plastique

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427 days ago sauver le climat ?

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