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Digital Equity Committee Chair Report IFIP Board 2022

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KIDIMAKE-Project KDMK-EN-27022022

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Technologies for Education UNESCO-IITE 1997-1994

ICT in Teacher Education: Policy, Open Educational Resources and Partnership   Proceedings of International Conference IITE-2010 November 15–16, 2010 etersb...

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Suite une si discrète enquête sur la numérisation digital-society Switzerland delay

  Suite une si discrète enquête sur la numérisation Le 23 sept. 2021 à 21:13, Raymond Morel <> a &eacut...

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WSIS Flash | Issue 75, 28th of October 2021

  WSIS TalkX: World Cities DayBuilding Climate Resilient Cities with Digital Transformation   Thursday, 28 October 2021, 14:00 &nda...

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Zanzibar Declaration (ZD) - Workshop final intermediate state End of February 2022

Zanzibar Declaration Workshop on ‘Sustainable Education in a Digital Age of rapidly Emerging Technologies’ at the WCCE 2022Johannes Magenheim1, Don Passey2, Jav...

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OCCE 2021 DTEL – Digital Transformation of Education and Learning – Past, Present and Future

[pdf-embedder url="" title="33-Pasterk-DigiFit4All Con...

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2001-Marc-Prensky-Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

[pdf-embedder url="" title="2001-Marc-Prensky-Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants--2001-20210709173908776"]

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